Sunday, March 4, 2012

Multimedia and Education article information for "Article Review"

If we were REALLY serious about education technology
by Dr. Scott McLeod

This article talked about ten ways we can better use technology in our schools.  It included a lot of generalizations about technology. One example is how educators often make light of the fact they know very little about technology.  The article’s focus was on changing the mindset of educators and their views of technology.
One key learning I will take away from this article is how important it is to teach students both the positives of using technology, as well as the dangers. Teachers should be giving the students the knowledge of what is available to them and show them how to use it.  We also need to inform them of the possible dangers of using technology and how to avoid them. Sometimes students may not think long-term about some of the consequences.   
I agree with almost everything the author said. I do not think every school is like this, but I am guessing most have at least one staff member who this article relates to.  I thought he brought up a good point as to how we marginalize technology by treating it as its own class, instead of incorporating it into everything we do. 

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